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Why Choose MedNET
  • Stand-alone medical billing software (with optional integration with EHR or appointment scheduler).
  • Direct connectivity to all payers, including HMO's, medical groups and IPA's.
  • We can instantly see and correct clearinghouse and payer front-end rejections to avoid denials.

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Medical Billing Software


Billing software / EMR Programs

Med-Net Billing offers state of the art billing software, compatible with most EMR Programs. Med-Net billing has purchased the billing equipment and software necessary to perform at only the highest level. Most physicians would like to purchase this billing equipment and software, but do not want to invest the $20,000-$30,000 necessary. By joining Med-Net Billing you will have all of the tools and support necessary to ensure that your collected revenue will be optimized.

One of the hot topics in our industry today is the EMR Programs with push of a button billing. Many physicians get sold on all of the “bells and whistles” of the software, only to realize these new programs don’t make phone calls and follow up on your receivables… However, Med-Net Billing does and our staff has the experience of working with several different EMR’s. We can work with your existing EMR or implement a system to help streamline your billing process. With our proven track record of low Accounts Receivables and optimum insurance reimbursements over the past 20+ years, this should be incentive enough for you and your office to consider using our services.